Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sucker Punch!!

I know there's a lot of these looks around at the minute so I'm sorry, but I just had to do one. My Makeup today is based on Baby Doll from Sucker Punch. Now before anyone says anything I know I don't look like Baby Doll...she's blonde and beautiful, and I'm quite the opposite!! I just couldn't resist doing the look though, I think it's stunning! Ugh I can't wait to see the film, the misters taking me later...soooo excited! The imagery that I've seen so far looks absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to get even more makeup inspiration.

Hmmmmm...I thought I'd be brave today and include a full face shot :S

Excuse the hair, I'm growing out my fringe and it's driving me crazy! And don't even get me started on the messy brow Aaarrrrghhh!

So there it is! Hope you like it. Has anyone else tried this look yet? Or even seen the film? Hope it's good :D

Speak soon xx


  1. It's gorge Nat, and ur idea of a messy brow - lol!!!! Wish mine were that "messy", urs always look perfect. Aint seen any films for ages tbh, and the 5 that I do want to watch I reckon I'll have to import..... :P

  2. gorgeous look and ur full face shot is beautiful..u should def so more

  3. It looks beautiful! I love those lashes! And I agree about the full face shot! Let's see more!

  4. @ Sharon...Aw thanks Shaz! Haha you should let me at your brows ;D What films you wanting to see then...or should I not ask?
    @ Jess...Thanks Jess! I never post full face shots...I'm shy haha
    @ Starryskies...Thanks Sonja haha I guess I should do more face shots really! We'll see, maybe I'll get a braver as time goes on! The lashes are Girls Aloud again, these ones are my faves :D


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