Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Deep Truth about...

Hey!! Hope everyones having a good week. Today I bring you the first in my animal inspired series. When we went to Chester Zoo we saw some Indian Blue peacocks and they were beautiful. As much as the colours were stunning I was mostly inspired by the plummage (think thats the right term :S) on their heads. It reminded me of a particular style of lash that I love. I've had my eye on them for a while now but haven't been able to find any, but on my way home I nipped into Boots and there they were!! It's like it was meant to be :D Now I've attempted many a Peacock look in the past and they haven't really been all that. This time I limited the colours mostly to the blues as I wanted the lashes to be the focus and I think it turned out much better than the ones I've done before. I Love Love Love the lashes (even tho I did break one).

Heres my inspiration pic

And heres the look I created

The greens and Teals showed up a little better on this one

I used a mixture of products from Mac, Ben Nye and Sleek. Starting at the inner corner I used:
Mac Pigment in Golden Olive blended into Mac Pigment in Teal. This was blended into Ben Nye Pigment in Cosmic Blue which was in turn blended into a Mac Eye Shadow in Deep Truth (this is my new favourite thing btw :D ) I used the Dark Blue from the Sleek Bohemian Palette to darken the Outer V and a Highlight from the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (I dont really like the highlight I chose and would change this to do the look again). I lined my upper lash line and outer water line with Mac Blacktrack Fluid Line, and my inner water line with Mac Pearlglide Intense Liner in Undercurrent.

The eyelashes are the new Girls Aloud Festival range from Eyelure lol. It always makes me laugh when people ask me what lashes I use and I say Girls Aloud, it makes me sound like a crazy groupie...I'm not, I just really like the lashes. I loved the Cheryl and Nadine designs from the last range they brought out and I'm already wanting more from the Festival range. The ones I used today are Kimberly.

Hope you like the look. Feel free to leave a comment or any suggestions you might have :D
I'm off now to reward myself with cake!! Mmmmmm....

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cosmic Fire

Today I thought I'd post my entry for the Elementals competion on MizzWorthy's Blog. Its run in conjunction with Illamasqua one of my favourite brands. Its great cos you can win a bunch of their stuff if your lucky, but even better than that you get the chance to have your work viewed by World renowned MUA and Illamasquas Creative Director Alex Box. Just the thought makes me very happy...I met her once, I went to one of her workshops. She's so lovely and is so talented. When I grow up I want to be just like her :D

This is the one I entered...

and the rest are just for fun!!

I just kept adding...

and adding...

and adding :D

and this one was just a bit of fun with photoshop. Its what I would have done if I had more time to do my whole face :D

The idea came from the 'inspiration with inspiration' thread on Makeupgeek (I Love that site!! Marlena is so beautiful and the girls on the site have some amazing skills). I was thinking of entering the MizzWorthy comp and I had this look for the thread so I though why not use that. I think it ties in nicely...fingers crossed xx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I do Love Cutie Pie

Yay!! Today is a good day!! The mailman brought me gifts. Check out these babies...

Madame Butterfly...

and Love

They're both from ILoveCutiePie. If you haven't checked out this site already you really should!! There's lots of gorgeous vintage inspired handmade pieces. If your anything like me you'll want them all. I can't get enough of the blog either. Its full of all things pretty...and cake too!! Who could ask for more.

I also got this little cutie...

He's from AFashionStory. I call him Sha-Shing!!

Had a nail assessment today!! Its a good job I've got enhancements...I was so nervous I don't think I'd have had any nails left otherwise. Will no doubt post pictures shortly along with a new series of makeup looks inspired by my recent trip to the zoo.

Thanks for stopping by :D

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Getting Started

So here it first ever post!! *bites nails nervously* If you've read my profile you'll know that amongst other things I Love Love Love makeup so to start with I thought I'd show you a few looks so you can see a little of what I get up to. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my blog xx

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