Saturday, 4 February 2012

Shellac Nail Art: Valentines In Venice!

Hey Hey Lovelies!! Off to Venice in the morning so I just thought I'd leave you with my Shellac mani for the week. I don't really do Valentines, so it's not your traditional hearts and kisses type thing! Hope you like it all the same :)

It's Carnivale whilst I'm there so I'm hoping to come back MAJORLY inspired to create some new looks!

Speak Soon xx


  1. I love how simple, yet cute this is! AND THERE'S A BOW! <3

  2. Love those little heart gems, so cute!

  3. How cute!! I am trying to tweak the whole shellac application process....I can't get mine to stay on for my life lol. It's taking some getting used to over using regular nail polish.

  4. Yay! Ronnie I thought you'd like the bow :)
    Thanks Arezu and Angie :D
    Yay! Hey Dani glad to see your still checking in! Oh no though! How come your Shellac won't stay on? Can I help? What process are you using? I hope you can get used to it, it's fantastic! You can do some really nice art with it too. Email me if you want and I'll see if there's anything different that I do that might help :D
    Aww thanks Meredith :)


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