Sunday, 23 October 2011

10 Things I Love About Autumn...

What with the end of Summer and all, I was starting to get a bit down. But I thought rather than being sad and focussing on what I don't like about the end of Summer, I thought I'd be a bit more positive and focus and what I do like about Autumn. So here is my top 10 list of all the things that make me smile...

Number 1...

Autumn leaves! The colours are so beautiful and everywhere looks so so pretty...

Number 2...

Something you find in the Autumn leaves...Hedgehogs! Too cute!

Number 3...

Sunday afternoon walks in the crisp Autumn air. This is the Lake District near where I live...

Number 4...

Snuggly new clothes! Hmmm wooley jumpers and Ugg boots are the only thing to put a smile on my face after I've had to pack away my Flip Flops!

Image from

Number 5...

Comfort food! Mmmmmmmmm...

Image from

Number 6...

Hot Chocolate on a cold dark afternoon. Ahhhhhhh....

Image from

Number 7...

Goes perfectly with number 6. It's Toasted Marshmallows! Mmmmm all warm and squishy...

Image from

Number 8...

Trick Or Treat? Yup it's Halloween. Love it! Love it! Love it! Dressing up, playing games, eating crap, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies...Have I told you I Love it?

Image from

Number 9...

Bonfire Night! I love it! Going out with friends, watching the Fireworks and sitting infront of a huge bonfire having a few drinks and eating Toffee Apples makes me smile...

Image from

Number 10...

Last, but certainly by no means least it's my Happy Birthday in Autumn! Yay! Cake, presents, parties...I can't wait!

Image from

So there you have it. My top 10 favourite things about autumn. Hope you guys are loving it too :)

Speak Soon xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

No Holly! Your Not Mrs. Cole!

Hey! Hey! Hope your all well and having a lovely week so far. Today I'm bringing you another wearable look! Yup that's right, you heard me! Don't know what's wrong with me haha. It is still a little on the dramatic side, but this is me, there has to be some drama in there somewhere! So anyway, onto the look...

I used some Leishi pigments and glitters that I got. They cost me about 30p each! Can you believe it? Thats defo my bagain buy of the month...

Whilst I did love the makeup, I wasn't really sure about the hair. Hoz felt the need to burst into Cheryl Coles 'Fight For This Love' every two minutes so before she decided to start getting it on with the walls and waving like the Queen we quickly changed it up a bit. Having the lovely Holly from Beauty_Spot around is like having a magic hair fairy...

Me "I want it like this please"

Holly "Ok"

Prrrririiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!! (that's the noise a fairy wand makes just incase you weren't getting that haha)


New hair at the ready. I liked this style a lot better I think...what about you? We kept the little bow that we made though cos it was just too cute!

So...what do you think of the look? Do you want to see more wearable stuff from me? Or something a bit more theatrical? I'd love to know.

Speak Soon xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lash In The City: Makeupbee & Velour Lashes Collaboration.

Quite some time ago I was approached by the lovely Tiomi about doing a collaboration with Makeupbee and Velour Lashes, and as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance! I LOVE LASHES!! So I've been so excited about doing this post and have eagerly awaited the arrival of the mail man every day since...Today he came, and let me tell you, I could have kissed him! My beautiful new lashes were well worth the wait!!

Love the packaging, it's so cute! It's got a kinda retro Hollywood vibe :)

Let me start my post by telling you a little bit about Velour Lashes...

"With a blink of mink, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna have made mink lashes the hottest new beauty craze."

But if you thought they were an unatainable luxury reserved only for the elite think again! These lashes may be favoured by the A list, but the beautiful Mabel & Angela, founders of Velour Lashes, have made it their mission to bring this trend to the masses.

Handmade from 100% Mink fur (don't worry no harm was done to the little Minkies, this was the first thing I checked) these babies are the business!! They are Natural looking, lightweight lashes that can be used up to 25 times! Yes. That's right. You heard me. TWENTY-FIVE TIMES!! These lashes are not like any others I own. They're really soft and shiney, and dare I even say natural looking but with plenty of Oooomph. They have a really thin band for easy application and comfortable wear, and they are beautiful. You may be tempted to think they're a little bit pricey. But when you compare them to Synthetic lashes, mine usually cost around £6 or $9 to my American friends and I'm lucky if I get 3 uses out of them, the cost is actually less. Whats also great is that there is a wide range of styles, and they do both top and bottom lashes too.

I chose a set called 'Lash In The City' which retail at around £40 or $64.99 and I was asked to create a look for them. I knew I wanted these ones straight away because not only are they gorgeous, but they are also named after one of my fave shows :)

So anyway, enough chat! Here's the lashes along with the look I created...

I didn't want to do anything to OTT as I wanted the lashes to be the main feature...

I really do love these lashes, so much so I didn't want to take them off. Probably because I didn't even feel like I had any on! Let me just say though, these babies are BIG! But those of you that know me know I like dramatic lashes so they were right up my alley. But if you fancy something a little bit smaller check out their range of designs, because Velour lashes really do cater for all. They also have great step-by-steps on how to apply and care for your new Mink lashes so you can wear them again and again! Your definitely going to be seeing more looks from me using these little beauties :D

myspace graphic at Gickr
Make your own animation

I'd really like to say a huge Thank you to Makeupbee and Velour Lashes for letting me be a part of this collaboration :D

Anyway, hope you like the look. I'll be back soon with my new series :D

Speak Soon xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hello Kitty! Shellac Nail Art...

Just a quicky from me today to show you some nail art I did using Shellac! Not a particularly original design, but it's cute non the less.

Just wanted to show you that you don't have to stick to plain old colours when you have Shellac!

Speak Soon xx

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Ok so a million years ago the lovely Ashii of Miss Asshii Beauty and the lovely Duvessa of One Of Beautys Daughters both nominated me for blog awards - Yay!! But, being as rubbish as I am (sorry ladies) I never got round to doing the post *smacks back of own hand!! But recently the gorgeous Nykki of Nykki's Mane Blog also gave me an award so I thought it was about time I got my act together. I'm so grateful to receive these blog awards and I didn't forget, and today I finally did my post :D

I was nominated for...

by Ashhi and...

by Duvessa and...

by Nykki.

Thank you so much ladies!!

So the rules for The Best Blog Award are...

# Link back to the person who gave this award to you
- Already done above

# Share 7 Random things about yourself
- See my answers on a previous post here

# Award 15 blogs (the other two awards say 10 so I'm going with that for all three)
- I'm going to pass this on to...

Sonja at The Beautiful Life Of The Girl Next Door
Meredith at Pigments & Palettes
Ronnie at Bows and Curtseys
Kassie at Unique Desire
Robyn at Stay Beautiful
Nykki at Nykki's Mane Blog
Heather at Wifezilla Hekela
Holly at Beauty_Spot
Kayla at Beauty by Kayla Shevonne
And finally Angie at Glitter and Unicorns


# Next answer the following questions about yourself...

-What's your favourite colour

Definitely bright Pink!! It can boost my mood in an instant (sorry Elaine...there's no hope for me haha)

Haha Thank Heaven for the Mister or that could be me in that picture!!

-What's your favourite song

Hmmm tricky...I can't pick there's too many!! We were playing a game with some friends the other weekend called Drop It Like It's Hot where each couple has a laptop and we line up tracks on Youtube and try to out do each other with classic tunes (there are forfeits involved too which often include shots :S). Somebody asked me this same question then, and not only could I not answer, but my head went completely blank of all music!!

...Right I've had time to think about it! Maybe Elbow 'One Day Like This' cos it reminds me of the Mister and always makes me smile, or Foo Fighters 'Everlong' probably for the same reason because we been to watch Foo's together so many times and it's always AMAZING!! Arrgghhh I don't know! It's too hard haha

Pic from

-What's your favourite desert

Mmmm no doubts here, it's my Mums home made trifle! In the words of Homer Simpson...Aaaagggghhhhlllllghgghhlllaaa haha

-What pisses you off?

Rude people who think they can shout and stamp their feet and bully their way into getting what they want. Doesn't work with me!! And people who always blame others for their problems...Look within!

-When your upset, you?

Try to stay level headed and identify my real emotions. It's often easy to fly off the handle and over react to things...and this just leads to regret!

-Your favourite pet

Hmmm Fuddah or the Mister? Fuddah-or-the-Mister? Haha only joking Mister, it's definitely Fuddah. Although I do want to be a Hedgehog Foster Mommy over the Winter so he may have some competition haha.

-Black or White?

I like both but probably black. It hides a multitude of sins!

-Your biggest fear?

I'm not telling you my real biggest fear cos I don't tell anyone that, but I will tell you my other ones...Wasps and Tortoises. I'm terrified of both!! The only difference is that despite my fear I actually do like Tortoises, I DO NOT LIKE WASPS!!

Pic from

...Urgghh!! It made my ears prickle and my toes curl just looking at pics to upload *shudders!!

-My best feature is

My creativity

-My everyday attitude

Take each day as it comes, and if you don't like something about your life don't moan about it...CHANGE IT!!

-What is perfection

It's the little imperfections that I like. Makes life interesting.

-Guilty pleasure

Jedward hahahahahaha I LOVE THEM!! I'll probably get shot for saying that!! They are definitely the Marmite of the entertainment industry.

Pic from

So cute in their little matching outfits haha.

Ok so that was Ashiis still with me? Now it's time for Duvessas!! The rules for this one are as follows...

# Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
- Already done above!

# Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
- Done

# Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.
- This is gonna be the same as the list above.

# List your top 10 cosmetics.
- So my Top 10 can't live withouts are as follows...

Clinique 3 step. The most important thing in my beauty regime is definitely skin care. I suffered skin allergies for years when I was younger and tried all the products under the sun, but as soon as I discovered the 3 step my troubles were gone. I haven't changed my skincare regime in years, but if it aint broke don't fix it!!

Joico Moisture Surge Hair Care Range. I have really, really thick unruly hair. It's got a really nice natural curl but I often wear it straight so the slightest hint of moisture or humidity means I look like Crystal Tips. Joico really helps to keep it under control. With working in a salon I also colour my hair a lot so Joico really helps to keep it moisturised and shiney. I love it!!

CND Solar Oil for Nails. In my opinion this little thing is a miracle in a bottle!! I have really dry, weak nails. I always have had, but then I was introduced to Solar Oil. I use it once or twice a day on my nails and hands and it's amazing. It moisturises like nothing I've ever found before. It's great for natural nails, Shellac, Gel, Acrylic, the lot. I always keep a little bottle with me now.

Mac Fix+. I love this stuff. It takes my makeup from flat and powdery to natural and dewy in seconds. You can mix it with shadows and pigments for a different look and it smells beautiful. I spray it all over my face in the morning and I feel really uplifted

Nina Ricci Le Paradis de Nina Eau de Toilette Spray. My all time favourite scent!! It's sweet, it's fruity, it just smells soooo good. I love it!!

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse. I love to have a year round summer glow. Whilst this is a fairly new product, it's very quickly made it's way into my beauty must haves. It's so easy to use (no more fake tan disasters for me), it has a great colour, and the price is unbelievable.

Mac Blacktrack Fluidline is a must for me. It can take a look from drab to dramatic in seconds and it lasts all night. It does dry out a little quickly, but it's staying power for me is fabulous. I have really really watery eyes, and there are very few liners I have found that can cope with this. There are other ones out there that don't dry out as quickly, and have staying power, but I find they're too shiny or they lack in opacity, so this really is the one for me.

Mac Self Propelling Eyebrow Crayon in Lingering. I can't live without it!! I really think that brows make a look. I've been fanatical about them since I can remember. I like them to be really defined, but still natural looking and Mac SPEC gives me this every time.

Eylure Lashes are another must for me. They have a wide variety, I don't need to mess about cutting them as they're the perfect length for my eyes, the glues fine, the price is good and in my opinion they just complete a look!!

Mac Gently Off Eye & Lip Makeup Remover because at the end of the day you just need something to take it all off and this works a treat. I wear a lot of liner and mascara when I go for a full on look and this is the only thing for me that shifts it 100% and doesn't irritate my eyes. Again, I've tried many makeup removers and even found some that I like, but this is just really convenient, effective, and it's done in seconds. Does what it says on the tin!!

Ok, so that's Duvessa's award. Hang on in there though cos now it's time for Nykki's.

You'll all be thankfull to know that the rules for this one are simply to pass the award on to 10 different blogs you love and feel deserve the award (same list as above). Link them in your post and let them know you awarded them.

Phew!! There you go, the end of MEGA POST haha. Thank you so much Ladies!! Hope the rest of you have fun doing yours :D

Speak Soon xx

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