Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lash In The City: Makeupbee & Velour Lashes Collaboration.

Quite some time ago I was approached by the lovely Tiomi about doing a collaboration with Makeupbee and Velour Lashes, and as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance! I LOVE LASHES!! So I've been so excited about doing this post and have eagerly awaited the arrival of the mail man every day since...Today he came, and let me tell you, I could have kissed him! My beautiful new lashes were well worth the wait!!

Love the packaging, it's so cute! It's got a kinda retro Hollywood vibe :)

Let me start my post by telling you a little bit about Velour Lashes...

"With a blink of mink, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna have made mink lashes the hottest new beauty craze."

But if you thought they were an unatainable luxury reserved only for the elite think again! These lashes may be favoured by the A list, but the beautiful Mabel & Angela, founders of Velour Lashes, have made it their mission to bring this trend to the masses.

Handmade from 100% Mink fur (don't worry no harm was done to the little Minkies, this was the first thing I checked) these babies are the business!! They are Natural looking, lightweight lashes that can be used up to 25 times! Yes. That's right. You heard me. TWENTY-FIVE TIMES!! These lashes are not like any others I own. They're really soft and shiney, and dare I even say natural looking but with plenty of Oooomph. They have a really thin band for easy application and comfortable wear, and they are beautiful. You may be tempted to think they're a little bit pricey. But when you compare them to Synthetic lashes, mine usually cost around £6 or $9 to my American friends and I'm lucky if I get 3 uses out of them, the cost is actually less. Whats also great is that there is a wide range of styles, and they do both top and bottom lashes too.

I chose a set called 'Lash In The City' which retail at around £40 or $64.99 and I was asked to create a look for them. I knew I wanted these ones straight away because not only are they gorgeous, but they are also named after one of my fave shows :)

So anyway, enough chat! Here's the lashes along with the look I created...

I didn't want to do anything to OTT as I wanted the lashes to be the main feature...

I really do love these lashes, so much so I didn't want to take them off. Probably because I didn't even feel like I had any on! Let me just say though, these babies are BIG! But those of you that know me know I like dramatic lashes so they were right up my alley. But if you fancy something a little bit smaller check out their range of designs, because Velour lashes really do cater for all. They also have great step-by-steps on how to apply and care for your new Mink lashes so you can wear them again and again! Your definitely going to be seeing more looks from me using these little beauties :D

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I'd really like to say a huge Thank you to Makeupbee and Velour Lashes for letting me be a part of this collaboration :D

Anyway, hope you like the look. I'll be back soon with my new series :D

Speak Soon xx


  1. very pretty lashes! I wish I could put on lashes! =(

  2. Loved these ones when I was working at the Velour Lashes shoot! Wish I'd picked these ones, tbh, though they are all amazing - these are just more wearable than my T Dots.

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures and application. So pretty and sultry.

  3. I love how natural these look! And I love the packaging!

  4. Gorgeous!!! They look freaking amazing!

  5. Aren't they just amazing?! I was going to get this pair instead of Oops, Naughty me...They look lovely on you, and the look is superb, Natalie! <3

  6. @ MissAshDG...Aww thanks!! I used to be the same tho, you just gotta practice, practice, practice! :)
    @ Meredith Jessica...OMG your so lucky to have done that shoot...well lucky's not the word, cos you earned it and really deserve it, but you know what I mean! I really love these lashes tho, they're just right! Thanks about the look :)
    @ Angie...They are so nice and the packaging is too cute! There's a funny little message inside too that made me smile :)
    @ Amanda Lehrke...Thank you Amanda! And they really are :)
    @ Ronnie...OMG I loved your look. I was a little torn cos I loved the lashes you chose too, but I'm glad I got these they're perfect for me. I want more haha! Thanks about the look Ronnie :)

  7. OMG! Those lashes are DIVINE!
    Seriously love them!
    Thanks for the post :D gotta run out and buy them :D

  8. love these lashes! I only wish they weren't so pricy but I spose once you work out cost per wear its worth it!

  9. Vow.. really beautiful and attractive eyes. I liked that eyeshadow very much. Thanks!

  10. I hate to say this, but this particular pair of bottom lashes is not a miracle, but pure garbage! I don't understand, how the manufacturer could let these on the market! What were they thinking? The bands are so flimsy, the lashes don't hold onto them at all! All the lashes glued on in different directions, so there's a total disarray - lashes are looking in random, opposite directions. There doesn't seem to be an easy fix for that, because when I tried to fix them gently, all the lashes just fell right off!!!!! I really hate this product and want to toss it in the garbage right away. But I feel so cheated for my money with this lashes, that I made a point, to send this shitty product back, and leave a very bad review on each website, that sells Lash At First Sight! I'm so angry about these lashes!!! On the other hand, I don't understand: the Kardashian bottom lashes have a strong band, the lashes don't easily fall out and they all look in the same direction... Who sent me these crappy ones? Well, Thanks a lot! I am returning!!!


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