Thursday, 28 July 2011

Does Anyone Speak Mandarin?

As promised here's the other fishy look I did last week. It's a little bit different to the other one haha...

I'm sorry I don't know where this pic is from, please let me know :D

Some time ago the very lovely and incredibly talented Sonja aka StarrySkies over at TheBeautifulLifeOfTheGirlNextDoor ask me to do a look based on a Mandarin fish, and here it is...

I was so excited and planned the look immediately, but I've been waiting for a willing model haha. Oddly not everyone is queuing to be turned into a bright green sea if I'd have said smokey eye that would have been a different story haha. I spent ages on this because I really wanted to do Sonja proud. I did have to change some of the colours up a bit as I didn't have any yellow liquid liner, but hope you still like it...

I absolutely loved doing this, it was so much fun...I'm beginning to think I should be a Theatre MUA, I definitely love me some drama haha.

Aww, the Misters Sister was a fab model and sat there for hours while I painted her face haha, it's ok though, she loves it!!

Anyway, hope y'all like the look.

Speak Soon xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Name's Natalie And I'm A Polish-Aholic!!

First off I just want to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all!! I checked in this morning to find I have over 100 followers - WOOHOO!! I'm so happy I could do a little dance haha...

 - Everyday Im Shuffling
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Honestly when I started this blog I wondered if I'd ever get any followers, so to have 100 is amazing to me. I really do appreciate every single one of you, and I love all the amazing comments you leave, it really spurs me on :D I will be holding a little Givaway to celebrate which I will hopefully get up before I go on holiday on Saturday. I'm off to Oludeniz...I cant wait!!

Picture from

I really will try and sort something out before I go, but if not I'll have a look at what goodies I can find while I'm away and hold it when I come back. Either way there will be something to say THANK YOU!!

Anyway, back to the reason I was originally posting today. I wanted to show you my mani and also tell you about a little Facebook group called Polish-Aholics Anonymous. If polish is your porn you really need to check out PAA on Facebook. The girls on there are so lovely, and really helpful. If you want to see a swatch of something, look at endless albums of inspirational nail art or get great honest advice on nail products then this is the place for you. Hope you check it out :D Anyway, PAA hold a Monday Mani challenge, not surprisingly on a Monday haha, and last weeks theme was glitter. Needless to say I posted many manis, but I didn't manage to get this one done in time, so I thought I'd post it on here.

Its one of the duo's from Illamasquas Boo/Hiss range. This one is Boosh & Hiss and it's a beautiful black creme base colour with a pink and gold glitter polish to overlay. I love it!! What do you think?

Anyways, I'm off!! Gotta start deciding what to take on holiday, and, knowing me that could take some time haha.

Speak Soon xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back To The Future

The gorgeous Kate was up at the weekend, so we decided to play with makeup. We went partying on Saturday night (well about as much partying as two old birds can do) then decided to do some looks after breakfast on Sunday.
I had in mind that I wanted to do a kind of 50's look, but with a modern twist. At first I thought Audrey Hepburn, but as the look went on I lent more towards Brigitte Bardot, it suited the mood. That just got up, slightly dishevelled but incredibly sexy kinda look...

Fresh skin, flushed cheeks, flirty eyes, bed head hair. I think you get what I was going for...

I really love how it turned out! I think Kate looked Beautiful...but then again she always does!! Haha

Anyway hope you like the look too,

Speak Soon xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Under The Sea...

The Misters Gorgeous Sister was up again this week, and we decided to play with makeup!! Ever since she was little Squaz has always wanted to be a Mermaid so today we decided to make it happen!! I took a little inspiration from Ariel, but you know me, I had to go that little bit further. Here's what I came up with...

I Love this look!! It's so cute and I really loved creating it...Squaz must have liked it too as she drove 170 miles home in it and even stopped for fuel haha!!

To achieve the effect up the side of the face I cut out shapes from masking tape and stuck them to her skin. This worked really well as I was able to blend the colours up the temple, but still had the shape I wanted when I peeled back the tape.

Anyways, hope y'all like the look as much as I liked doing it!! I'll be back with some more sea themed looks later...

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Let Me Tell You About A Little Place Called Makeupbee!!

A couple of months ago now I got an email from a lovely lady called Tiomi who wanted to tell me about a new site she's set up. This new site I'm talking about is Makeupbee, and if you haven't already checked it out you really should!! It's full of AH-MAZING makeup looks, great reviews and fabulous new friends to be.

Makeupbee is a great place to share ideas and find inspiration. It's a one stop shop where you can post your own looks, be inspired by others, and promote yourself if your a Blogger or Youtuber. It's really accessible and easy to use and you can get started in minutes. It's got something for everyone. Whether you want to get ideas to create a look, post your own, or find the latest product review, it's all there. It's a really great community, I've already made some new friends and also gained some new followers for my blog. One of the more unique things about Makeupbee is that Tiomi the founder encourages you to promote your own Blog and Youtube channel, where as a lot of other sites tend to frown on this. As an MUA and Beauty Blogger herself, Tiomi really values the contributions made by the Makeupbee members and is happy to celebrate these.

I'm really loving the site and have been contributing for a while now, so as way of appreciation Tiomi made me her first 'Queen Makeupbee' and featured me on their Facebook page to help promote my blog, please stop by and check out the interview. The 'Queen Makeupbee' is going to be a monthly feature and will focus on a different Makeupbee each month. So why not sign up...who knows, you could be the next Queen Makeupbee!!

Speak Soon xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian

Makeup Geek are having a competition to create a makeup look inspired by Ancient Egypt, so I thought I'd show you my entry...

I've been fortunate enough to travel to Egypt a few times now and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I love the country, the people, the culture...but most of all I love the mysticism of the whole place. I'm in love with ancient Egypt!! I've been in the Pyramids and Temples and sailed down the Nile and it's incredible even today. But if ever I invent a time machine I would like to travel back and see it in it's hey day, in all it's glory. I'm slightly embarrassed to say, but one of my favourite films is The Mummy haha. I watch it over and over again...Oh dear!! Anyway, inspired by the treasures and hieroglyphs I came up with this look...

I changed it a little part way through as I didn't think it was really wow enough, so I added a few more gems to bling it up a bit ;)

Ok, Ok, you can stop laughing at the thought of me inventing a time machine now!! I've just told you my favourite film is The Mummy, I'm well aware of my limitations haha...

Anyway, hope you like the look as much as I liked creating it. And I hope some of you lovely ladies are also going to enter...I'd love to see your looks :D

Speak Soon xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Make The Grade...

Just another quickie from me today. Thought I'd show you my graded mani. It started life as Illamasqua Viridian, but as much as I love this colour, one colour manis are just plain boring!! So, I decided to add a little Orly Lunar Eclipse into the mix and this is what it turned into.

I really wanted to do some nail art over the top, but I left my kit at work so no can do :( Maybe I'll update later in the week with this if I can...I'm feeling something Peacocky maybe? Anyway hope y'all like it.

Speak Soon xx

Monday, 4 July 2011

In Your Honor

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!! I rocked my stars and stripes for you this weekend when I went to watch my all time favourite band the Foo Fighters!! Yeah...Love me a bit of Dave Grohl!!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend. Me, The Mister and The Nephew had an amazing time!! But, it means it's short and sweet from me today...I'm cream crackered!!

Speak Soon xx

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