Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Name's Natalie And I'm A Polish-Aholic!!

First off I just want to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all!! I checked in this morning to find I have over 100 followers - WOOHOO!! I'm so happy I could do a little dance haha...

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Honestly when I started this blog I wondered if I'd ever get any followers, so to have 100 is amazing to me. I really do appreciate every single one of you, and I love all the amazing comments you leave, it really spurs me on :D I will be holding a little Givaway to celebrate which I will hopefully get up before I go on holiday on Saturday. I'm off to Oludeniz...I cant wait!!

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I really will try and sort something out before I go, but if not I'll have a look at what goodies I can find while I'm away and hold it when I come back. Either way there will be something to say THANK YOU!!

Anyway, back to the reason I was originally posting today. I wanted to show you my mani and also tell you about a little Facebook group called Polish-Aholics Anonymous. If polish is your porn you really need to check out PAA on Facebook. The girls on there are so lovely, and really helpful. If you want to see a swatch of something, look at endless albums of inspirational nail art or get great honest advice on nail products then this is the place for you. Hope you check it out :D Anyway, PAA hold a Monday Mani challenge, not surprisingly on a Monday haha, and last weeks theme was glitter. Needless to say I posted many manis, but I didn't manage to get this one done in time, so I thought I'd post it on here.

Its one of the duo's from Illamasquas Boo/Hiss range. This one is Boosh & Hiss and it's a beautiful black creme base colour with a pink and gold glitter polish to overlay. I love it!! What do you think?

Anyways, I'm off!! Gotta start deciding what to take on holiday, and, knowing me that could take some time haha.

Speak Soon xx


  1. I recently joined PAA too! I find the timing of the posts a little strange. I love this mani. The glitter looks like OPI Sparkle-icious. This makes me want to try it over black!

  2. There are a few blogs I follow that do NOTDs and as a non-polish-aholic very few catch my attention but you always have such pretty nail looks!!

    Congrats on the 100 followers, you're super talented and deserve every last one.

  3. Thanks Angie!! Ahh your right, it does look like Sparkle-icious. You should defo try it over black. I love your mani's so can't wait to see. I know what you mean about the posts on PAA...a bit confusing, but I still love it :D
    Aww Meredith Thank you so so much. I'm glad you like the mani and I'm super glad you follow my blog :D


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