Tuesday, 28 June 2011

And You Thought Disco Barbie Was The Bomb...

Meet Shellac Rockstar!! The newest offering from CND. I've just started doing this in my salon and I love it!!

Shellac is definitely my favourite and most popular service so I think this will go down a treat. Any previous beef I've had with Shellac has merely been that I get bored!! But now with Rockstar I can have different colours and glittery textures...Hurray!! It's also prompted me to start experimenting with Shellac nail art too so I'm sure there will be some posts to follow about that. But anyway, enough of the chatter!! Have a look at some more pictures...

Isn't it Beautiful!! This particular mani reminds me of Crystal Barbies Shoes haha. I really don't know why I'm obsessed with Barbie at the minute?? But anyways, hope you all like it :D

Speak Soon xx


  1. Um. Sorry, but WHAT!? And, WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Reminds me of like a mini Swarovski manicure, therefore DROOL.

    I love all the colors you find, you're speaking my language girl. Keep up the awesome posts.

  2. I saw a girl who had the shellac glitter done and it looks the shiz in real life! I'm considering getting it done when I can find somewhere local.

  3. wow that is so beautiful!! I've never had shellac ohh lovely!

  4. I love glitter polishes!! Goregous!

    Hey I tagged you in this post: http://girtasticglam.blogspot.com/2011/06/disney-princess-tag-new-series.html

    I hope you do it!

  5. Haha Meredith I always love your comments!! We're defo on the same page :D
    Robyn where abouts are you? If you check the shellac database on the CND website they should have a list of salons near you. If your up North drop me a line :D
    Aw thanks Amalia. You'll have to treat yourself sometime it's ace :D
    Kassie it's actual glitter with a shellac gel top coat over it. It's brilliant as it means you can have any colour you want and its glittery - YAY!! Oh I've just done your Disney challenge btw...hope you like it :D

  6. This is gorgeous, I WANT IT! :D


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