Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here Comes The Sun...I Hope!!

Depressed by all the rubbish weather we're having I thought I'd make an offering to the Sun God Ra. Hopefully he will hear my prayers and send me some nice weather as I've got another six weeks before I go on holiday and I can't cope with anymore rain!!

To create this look I applied NYX JEP in Milk as a base above the crease and NYX JEP in Black Bean as a base for the lid. Next I used NYX Morocco in the crease and Sleek Acid palette Black on the lid. After this I added the Sleek Circus palette purple above the crease with Sleek Circus palette red above this. I followed this with Sleek Acid palette orange above the red, and Sleek Acid palette yellow above this. Then I used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Pink to highlight. After this I lined my lash line and water line with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero and Ransom. Then I used NYX Morocco to line the lower lash line and NYX Candy Glitter liner in Crystal over this. To finish I applied Girls Aloud Lashes in Nadine.

I also entered the look for MUG's weekly challenge too. Stop by and have a mooch at all the looks if you haven't already. Everyone's done a great job. Anyway, hope the weather's better where you are.

Speak soon xx


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I'm always jealous of the girls that can wear color that far up on their browbone. I just don't have the guts, lol!

  2. Gorgeous! and the sparkles really finishes it off so well!

  3. Gorgeous! Love it!

  4. So pretty, I was going to guess that this was for MUG. It certainly looks like a contender to me! I have yet to get around do doing a look for this challenge but I really ought to.

  5. Beautiful eye makeup, love the colours you've used.

  6. ooh love it! the sparkles are a nice touch :D

  7. @ Angie...Be brave!! It's liberating haha. You are beautiful enough to pull off any look!! Glad you like it though, Thanks :D
    @ Mandy...Aww Thanks Mandy, I do love a bit of sparkle :D
    @ Meme...Thank you :D
    @ Meredith...Thank you!! Aww I would love to see what you do. Hope you get round to it!!
    @ Charlotte Sparkle...Thank you!!
    @ Ashii...Aww Thanks Ashii!! Sparkles always make me happy. Silly I know but... :D

  8. wow so pretty and I must say, that is the most fabulous job with the falsies I have ever seen!!

  9. Found your blog through MakeupBee. You are absolutely amazing! keep up the great work. Xoxo

  10. @ Amalia...Thank you sooo much :D
    @ Wifezilla...Wow Thank you!! Always happy to welcome new followers. I have to say I absolutely love your work, your amazing!! And I love your blog xx


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