Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pretty In Pink!!

Today I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Pink Lipsticks. I absolutely love lipsticks and my favourite colour to wear is Pink!! I like all of these for different reasons, but the top four are my absolute favourite...

Ok so first up is Corrupt by Illamasqua. It's a bright, deeply pigmented matt pink. This colour is very bold, but I really do love it!! The formular is a little drying though so I have to remember to use a balm after I've worn it.

Next is Narcissus from NYX. I didn't hold out much hope when I placed my first order of NYX Lipsticks...I mean how good could they be for a quid? How wrong was I!! Narcissus is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. The formula for this one is very dry though, but as long as I remember to wear a balm before I apply it everything's fine.

Then it's another lipstick from NYX I'm affraid (in fact 6 of the top 10 are). Louisiana is like a Cremesheen version of Corrupt. It's not an exact colour match and it's not quite as bright, but it's still very beautiful, and very definitely one of my favourites.

Next up is Sky Pink a beautiful Lustre, and yup you guessed it, it's from NYX haha. I love this colour for everyday wear. It's a nice soft neutral pink with a sparkly twist.

While the first four on the list are my faves, the next few aren't in any kind of order, they just happen to be pinks I like. Chloe another colour from NYX (what can I say, they're really good value for money) is a beautiful deep pink with a blue shimmer. One of my favourite combo's.

Mac's Of Royalty is another great lipstick for everyday use. It's Cremesheen formula is really moisturising and it's neutral colour goes with everything.

Now, I was so excited when I saw the next lipstick. I really thought Macs Superior was going to be Macs Rags to Riches Dazzle Glass in a stick...I was so let down!! For me it's just too sheer. I guess I forgot to check the finish before I bought it!! I admit I did sulk about this for a while, but then I learned to appreciate it for what it is...a sheer version of Rags to Riches haha. When full on glitter just isn't appropriate (shocking thought I know) in comes Superior. A quick slick of this and I'm pink and glittery but in a more subtle and grown up way. Winner!!

Another beautiful colour is Christie. It's a gorgeous Pink colour with a Gold Frost. It's another one that's great if you want a soft pink with a shimmery twist for every day use. I think all the swatching had made my lips a bit darker by this point, as Christie is a little paler than this normally.

Next up is Paris. A beautiful Pink Cremesheen. The formula is really moisturising, the colour is really pretty, and yes it's another win for NYX.

Then finally, last but not least, is Hot Wired by Nars. I really like the colour of Hot Wired and that's about it!! I think there are more things I don't like about it than do. Lets start with the smell/taste, which is horrible!! I can't even describe it, I just know I don't like it!! Then there's the's far to sticky for my liking. Add that to the fact that it comes in a pot and it takes me about 20 mins to apply it with a brush, and it's a wonder I wear it!! But like I said, the colour makes it all worth while. It's a deep hot pink with a blue shimmer and it's gorgeous!! What more need I say :D

So there you have it, my favourite pink lipsticks. What's your favourite Pink Lipstick? Got any recommendations?

Speak soon xx


  1. they´re all beautiful, but I just love Corrupt by Illamasqua and Macs Superior :D

  2. Man, I'm going to have to go out and buy some NYX lipstick when I come into some money!

    What would you recommend for a nude lip color? Any good NYX ones?

  3. BEAUTIFUL colors!!! I love I'm Affraid

  4. I love them all! I need to start wearing more pink lips! You've motivated me! Thanks! :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that first color! It's GORGEOUS!

  6. My fav is the first color! I gave you a blogger award, check it out!

  7. great great great post! I am currently obsessed with pink lips at the moment and you are going to cause me to go broke because i need all of these on my lips NOW, lol. My favorite is the 3rd one. I'm in loooove!

    I gave you a blogger award!

  8. Hiya!! Sorry it's taken so long to comment...I need to get my act together haha!!
    @ Pink Lady...Glad you like them, but yep Corrupt is defo my fave too :D
    @ Meredith...Aww sorry I didn't mean to make you spend haha honest!! NYX is good though as it's sooooo cheap!! As for the Nudes...I'm actually going to do a similar post to this but using Nudes, so I'll try and get that up soon. In the mean time though, as far as Nudes go...I like quite peachy Nudes and my all time fave is Mac Brave New Bronze (but it's a limited edition). I wear it with Mac Florabundance Lip Glass over the top. A good NYX alternative though is Pumpkin Pie Lipstick with Sweetheart Lipgloss over the top. They're my go to colours. I'll be sure to swatch them for you in the post :D
    Thanks FoxyAries, glad you like them :D
    Thanks Jackie. Let me know if you find any nice ones for me to try :D
    @ Starryskies...Awww Sonja Corrupt is my absolute fave!! Glad you like it!! It would look GORGEOUS on you :D
    @ Kassie...Corrupt is definitely a winner haha. Aww Thank you sooo much for the blog award, I really appreciate it xx
    @ Ronnie...Haha I need them NOW!! Please don't go broke on account of my post, I'd feel terrible. That said NYX Louisianna (#3) is beautiful though haha. Aww Thanks for the blog award too, I really appreciate it xx


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