Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Alice In Underland!!

Hey y'all!! So yesterday Kassie form the fabulous Unique-Desire tagged me in a Disney Princess post. I'll be honest, I'm not really much of a Disney fan...or a Princess for that matter!! But I thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. I Love Kassies blog, she creates some absolutely stunning looks so I really wanted to do her proud!! I thought I was going to struggle for inspiration as the only Disney thing I have ever Loved is Alice In Wonderland. I loved the book when I was a child (ahem even still now haha) and have loved all the different re-creations of it since. So imagine my glee when I took the challenge and discovered I was Alice - Yay. The questions were as follows...


*You have/had long blond hair...Check!

*You constantly day dream of another world...Always getting told off for daydreaming

*You have an active imagination...VIVID!!

*You’re very curious...This has often got the better of me :S

*You try to show off your knowledge...Hopefully in a way that helps others "/

*You are polite or talk very formally...I was brought up well haha

*You don’t like books without picture...Not true!! I love all books

*You love or have a cat...The gorgeous fuddah

*You tend to act more mature than your age...Mostly!! I have my moments though

*You have been told that you’re mad or not right in your head...Ha not to my face!!

So that gave me 8/10 which was the highest score I got for any of them. I've not included all the other Princess questions, but if you want to see them please pop over to Kassies blog and take a look. After you've answered all the questions you then have to do a look inspired by your Disney Princess. Now...those of you that know me will know I'm probably closer to Callow Lilys Alice as opposed to Disneys!! So what I tried to do was take inspiration from both, along with some of the scenery and other characters.

So anyway here's my final look...

I tried to make it look like I was falling down the rabbit hole. So whadayathink? For this I'm going to tag everyone that reads this, that wants to do it. Don't let not being a Disney lover put you's fun.

Speak soon xx


  1. Soooo creative!!! I think you did a great job!!!

  2. Beautiful interpretation, true to the original story and you own personal style. Lovely!

  3. Dude. This is awesome - I love that it's not just a straight up Alice look and it was an interpretation of an event in the book. I have a Disney series coming up and I can't wait! ^^

  4. Very creative and gorgeous! I love it when you post looks, they always blow me away!!

  5. Gorgeous! For real, when are you going to work for Vogue??? We need to see your makeup in some magazines!!!

  6. OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! I love it!! Totally not what I was expecting but it is goreous and so creative. Puts my look to shame! haha.

  7. Very creative and artistic! You've got amazing skills girl!

  8. Amazing!

    I tagged you on Top 10 award @

  9. ooh this is amazing! I can totally see what your doing!
    I have given you an award :)

  10. Thanks FoxyAries :D
    Thank you Meredith!! Glad you can see what I was going for :D
    Thanks Robyn!! I can't wait to see your Disney series...I love the first one :D
    Aw Thank you Amalia, thats really kind :D
    Haha Sonja I wish!! Thanks though :D
    Thanks Kassie, and thanks for tagging me it was fun. I loved your look too :D
    Thanks Meme :D
    Thanks Duvessa, and thanks for the tag :D
    Aww Thanks Ashii and thanks for the award. I will try my best to do a combined post along with the one I got from Duvessa :D

  11. I love the inspiration and I love the look! Absolutely beautiful! I can definitely see the "falling down the rabbit hole" with the dots around the eyes. :]


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