Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Day in the Life of a Bird

Hey!! Hope everyones ok. I was intending this to be another swatch post today, but I haven't done a look for sooooooo long!! I've had this on my mind for ages and today I finally got to play :D It's based on a little bird I saw when I went to the zoo (a zillion years ago now lol) I knew I had to do a look as soon as I saw it cos I just loved the colours and the spots and it was a perfect excuse to play with feathers. It was also a chance to try out some more Girls Aloud lashes (I don't have a problem...honest!!) I got them ages ago when Robyn at Stay Beautiful posted a heads up on her blog that Asos were selling them for only £2.25. Bargain!! I decided to custom them a bit by adding feathers to make them fit in with the look. I think it worked quite well and might just try this again with some other lashes. Anyways hope y'all like the look :D

Here's a picture of the cheeky lil' fella. Its from the zoos website again cos I didn't take my camera and the ones on my phone were a bit naff!!

And here's my look :D

If anyone wants to know what products I used just let me know. Thanks for looking xx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Want It Wednesday

Pieces of Rope style handle Tote bag £36.00 from Asos
Alice Denim pleat Leather boots £110.00 from Asos
Eclectic Wristwear set £15.00 from Asos

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Cherry Culture had a sale...

And I went a bit mad!! Usually I Ooooo and Arhhh over eyeshadows and pigments, but lately I'm obsessed with lipstick and gloss. So imagine my delight when I went on CC and they had a sale on NYX lipsticks and glosses XD I like NYX cos its purse friendly and great for bulking out your colour collection between the more pricier products like Mac, Illamasqua and Nars etc. For the most part the products are really pigmented and apply well!! Anyways I ended up buying 19 lipsticks, 13 glosses and 1 eyeshadow!!! Got a bit carried away :S I'm going to attempt to swatch and review them all, but Im gonna do it in installments as its too much to do in one go!! So heres the first lot for you to look at...

I wasn't dissapointed with any of the colours or their payoff. The lipsticks have a really creamy consistency, in fact so creamy I was convinced they would wear off in minutes...not so!! I've been wearing Gem for over 2 hours now and its still going strong...not bad for just over a quid!! The only one that wasn't quite as creamy was Narcissus. It had a drier consistency than the rest and I had to work a little harder to get full colour payoff but after a few swipes I was good to go, and I love the colour!! All the lipsticks have a faint flowery scent which isn't unpleasant, however Rose Bud had a very strong scent somewhat like flowery discinfectant!! I didn't like this!! All in all though I'm really pleased with the colours and the quality. The only problem I have now is picking which one to wear :D I'll be back soon with some more swatches. Hope you like xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

Strawberry Eaton Mews

Hiya!! How y'all doin? I'm in hiding atm cos I botched my fake tan!! Luckily I have a couple of days off work so I'm lazing around the house catching up on the films, tv, blogs and magazines that I haven't had a chance to see lately. Its a bit of a shame because the weather is lovely but I'm definitely enjoying my guilty pleasure ;)
I've also been painting my nails a lot so today I bring you another mani. I recently discovered I Love Nail Polish, if you haven't already seen the blog you should check it out. I found this cutey strawberry nail art on there and thought I'd give it a try :)
I used Nails Inc Eaton Mews (not sure if you can get this anymore) along with a green and yellow from my nail art kit. I absolutely Love Nails inc lacquers!! They're so shiny and the colour lasts me at least a week. I tend to change it cos I'm bored rather than because it wears. I also Love their Kensington Caviar Base coat and top coat too, they're amazing!!
I really like the mani but I think I'll lighten up the green and do less dots next time.

Hope you like it, thanks for looking xx

Oh my Gosh...A Purple Rainbow!!

Hey!! Hope everyones having a great week. Thought I'd show you a recent mani today. My friend Kate (from the Arabic makeup post) bought me some Gosh Rainbow a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd show you what I did with it. God only knows what kinda rock I've been living under not to have owned this sooner...its GORGEOUS!! I tend to prefer dark nails so rather than have it on it's own I thought I'd layer it up with something but I didnt fancy black...Hmmmm what to have?? I was considering this whilst watching Prince Purple Rain and I thought Ooooo!! Nars Purple Rain!! What a combo, it was so pretty I couldn't stop looking at it all night, not to mention endlessly annoying the Mr to look at it too :) I went to bed a very happy girl...

Whats you favourite Gosh Combo??

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Arabian Nights

Hey y'all!! I thought I'd show you a look I did on my beautiful friend kate a couple of weeks ago for Makeup Geeks Arabic challenge. We both had a day off so decided to play with makeup and this is what happened...

I used a mixture of Mac and Coastal Scents products (let me know if you wanna know what they are). The lashes are...yep you guessed it Girls Aloud for Eylure :D

Hope y'all like it xx

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