Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Day in the Life of a Bird

Hey!! Hope everyones ok. I was intending this to be another swatch post today, but I haven't done a look for sooooooo long!! I've had this on my mind for ages and today I finally got to play :D It's based on a little bird I saw when I went to the zoo (a zillion years ago now lol) I knew I had to do a look as soon as I saw it cos I just loved the colours and the spots and it was a perfect excuse to play with feathers. It was also a chance to try out some more Girls Aloud lashes (I don't have a problem...honest!!) I got them ages ago when Robyn at Stay Beautiful posted a heads up on her blog that Asos were selling them for only £2.25. Bargain!! I decided to custom them a bit by adding feathers to make them fit in with the look. I think it worked quite well and might just try this again with some other lashes. Anyways hope y'all like the look :D

Here's a picture of the cheeky lil' fella. Its from the zoos website again cos I didn't take my camera and the ones on my phone were a bit naff!!

And here's my look :D

If anyone wants to know what products I used just let me know. Thanks for looking xx


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