Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Put your hands up, who likes a nice tan? Me!! I do, I do!! That said though, I am fully aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun, so for the most part I do try to fake it. I have no desire to look like Magda from 'There's Something About Mary'.

However, those of you that know me will be aware of my frequent and many Fake tan disasters. Streaks, patches, orange hands, orange feet, just plain orange haha. It's safe to say I've spent a fortune and tried more than a few!! So imagine my surprise when someone introduced me to St. Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for, so to say I was a little sceptical of a fake tan I'd never heard of that only cost £2.99 for 200ml, would be to say the least. But I thought what the heck and gave it a try...and I'm so glad I did!! Holey Moley!! This stuff is a miracle in a bottle!! I love it!!

Unlike most other Fake Tans I've tried, this one does exactly what it says on the tin "A professional flawless tan for a deeper sunkissed glow. Instant bronzing, longer lasting, faster drying, no streaks".

To apply I did the same as I always do. I shower and exfoliate but don't moisturise. I know a lot of people say to moisturise before application, but for me it just seems to lessen the effects of the tan. What I actually do though is moisturise my elbows, knees, fingers and toes. For this I use Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter, but I guess you can use anything. Next I apply the tan. I like the Tanning Mousse in the St. Moriz range and I use a mitt to apply it (this is essential!!). I squirt some onto the mitt and apply in circular motions around my body (I get the Mister to do my back...which he's usually not too happy about). I honestly can't believe how good this product is, even the Mister comments on how easy it is to apply so it must be good!! Also I no longer have to wander around the house like a zombie waiting for my tan to dry, I was able to get dressed straight away and get on with my day. So anyway, onto the results...

This picture was taken straight after I applied the tan. I topped up after a couple of days to make sure the colour stayed the same all week. After seeing the results I went out and bought loads haha. That's how impressed I was. I got mine from BodyCare a UK high street store which unfortunately doesn't have a website so I can't post a link for you, but I think you may be able to get it on Amazon. If you are out and about on your travels though and happen to see this you should definitely pick some up and give it a try. I can't wait to try the St. Moriz Shimmering Souffle. Hope y'all find this useful :D

Speak soon xx


  1. You look like Benefit 10 :P I never use fake tan but I have to say I'm bloody impressed with that!

  2. Wow! What a difference! I always have such a hard time with fake tans because they always look so orange but this doesn't at all! Definitely looks worth trying!

  3. I'm sorry. WHAT? How is this stuff possible? I. I just? What????

    My mind is too blown to leave a coherent comment. It's like the first time I saw the sham-wow.

    There HAS to be a catch? I need to find this stuff and try it out.

  4. oh my gosh!! Wow!! Incredible!! now... where the heck do I find this???

  5. ohhh Amazon- sorry- was too excited about the tan- thanks!!

  6. @ Robyn...Haha took me a minute to get what you meant then :S I used to be the same with fake tan, but mainly because I'd make such a mess of it, but this stuff is great!!
    @ Starryskies...Oh me too Sonja!! I've found ones in the past that have been a really nice colour, but I just can't apply them evenly. This I can just slap on haha.
    @ Meredith...Haha your comment made me laugh!! I just had to look up sham-wow too as I didn't know what one was...and wow btw!! No catch though that I can see. I've been using it for weeks now and it's great. So unless one of my arms drops off or something...haha. Like I said in the post I do have to top up to keep the colour like this all week, but I do that with other tans too. And for me it wears the same way that very similar but much more expensive ones do so for me it's a winner :D
    @ Amalia...Aww bless haha...hope you find some. Let me know if you try it. Hope it's as good for you as it is for me :D


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