Sunday, 5 June 2011

Arabian Nights Part Two...

Hey Everyone!! Hope your all good!! We've had a little bit of sun here in the UK over the last couple of days so we made the most of it and went off to see the Misters family...hence no posts. We had a lovely time though and now, inspired by the sun, I'm back with a new look to show you.
One of my all time favourite types of makeup is Arabic, but I haven't done anything Arabic inspired for a while. I've had an idea in mind for some time now though, so I got my beautiful (and thankfully ever willing) friend Kate to model for me. So here's the look...

I know the pics a bit posey (haha the things I get Kate to do) but I wanted her to get her hand in the shot so you could see my attempt at Henna. I love Henna and have always wanted to have a go. One of the Misters friends does it and she said she'll teach me, but for now I just did my own interpretation with Illamasqua's Abyss liquid liner.

For this look I used the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette, Barry M Dazzle Dust these, and a tiny touch of Mac Deep Truth. I used NYX JEP in Milk and Mac Blacktrack to line. Oooo I also used a tiny touch of Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Static for the inner eye.

Anyway hope you like it!!

Speak soon xx


  1. Lovely eye makeup, I really like those colours.

  2. Wow! I know I've already admired this look on MakeupBee but it bears repeating. This is a beautiful look and the creasing is so perfect. Did you use tape/straight edge or do you just have a naturally incredibly steady hand?

  3. Oh!! Stunning!! I really love Arabian makeup looks!! Yours is amazing!
    Lots of love from a new follower here!!

  4. @ Charlotte Sparkle...Thanks for the comment! Really glad you like the look. That BM #82 (turquoise) is soooo pretty, I use it in a lot of looks. Have you tried the dazzle dusts?
    @ Meredith...Hey!! Thanks for following, and thanks for the comments (both here and on makeupbee) I really appreciate it. Loving your blog btw. In answer to your question I think I used tape for this look as I wanted it to be really sharp. Sometimes I do free hand, but it's always quicker with a bit of tape :D
    @ Catanya...Hey!! Thank you for the kind comments and thanks for following my blog. Hope you like it and keep stopping by :D

  5. Stunning! Looks amazing- and I know its washable, but I actually like the liner more than henna here it looks so nice!

  6. Aww Thank you ladies, your comments mean a lot :D

  7. This is incredible. I love your henna (with liquid liner), it's beautiful. She should get that tattooed on her!

  8. Thanks Sonja. I don't think she needed a tattoo, it's took days to come off haha. I did quite like it though, maybe I'll have it done? :D


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