Saturday, 28 May 2011

Across The Universe...

Phew!! The lengths I go too to bring you guys a new mani...aha just kidding!! Sadly the glittery effects of the Disco Barbie mani were short lived, so jonesing for my next fix, I changed my nails again!! Still on a bit of a blue kick and infinitely craving glitter I came up with this bad boy...

Just when you thought Across The Universe couldn't get any better, it was hit by a meteor shower of sparkling Swarovski's and BAM!! This baby was born...

This polish by Deborah Lippmann has got to be one of my all time favourites!! It's incredible!! It's like the night sky fell down and landed on my nails. What can I say, no picture can do this polish justice!! I just couldn't resist that little something extra though to make it my own.

Aside from being so darn pretty it's also a really good polish. The Jelly formula is great, it coats evenly. It's easy to get even glitter distribution without to much fuss. It dries quickly. I like the brush...heck I even like the bottle!! I have absolutely no complaints...other than maybe the price, and that it's not so easy to get your mits on in the UK! But apart from that...I LOVE IT!!

Whats your favourite polish...or brand...or even colour? I'd love to know :D

Speak soon xx


  1. I love all your manis! Super cute! I wish they sold Deborah Lippmann in stores(if they do, I didn't know) because all the colors I have seen are GORGOUS!

  2. @ Kassie...Aww Thank you soooo much!! You made my day!! Ugh I know what you mean about DL polishes, they are soooo beautiful, but so hard to get your hands on. They are totally worth it when you do though :D
    @ Charlotte Sparkle...Thank you :D

  3. How well does it stay on? It looks like those big chunks would chip off at the first opportunity...

  4. Hey Kitty!! The mani actually stays on pretty well, I usually get a MIN four days wear out of the polish, it depends what I've being doing that week but I do get longer. As for the Swarovski's everyone of them was still on when I took the mani off!! I actually had to pick them off so I could take the polish off. When I applied them I just set them into Seche Vite Top Coat and that seemed to do the trick. Hope this helps. Thanks for the comment :D


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