Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Two Faced (Or Three or Four...)

I was going to post a new look today, but my eczema has been playing up this week, so instead I thought I'd show you some of my face charts. Whenever I have a new idea I scribble it down on a piece of paper...the problem with that is I HAVE LOT'S OF IDEAS!! Much to the Misters dismay there are endless piles of paper all over our house :S Drawings in pencil, pen, felt tip, makeup...basically anything I can get my hands on to draw with! Couple this with my addiction to 'post it's' and you've got a problem! In an effort to combat this problem (and keep the mister sweet) I got myself a little book to scribble my ideas in. I LOVE my little book and will quite happily spend the afternoon drawing away to my hearts content. The problem is that drawing the face charts has become almost as important as doing the looks :S I still have tons of paper everywhere because I sketch my ideas in rough first so I can make sure they work before I put them into the book!! Crazy right? Poor Mister haha maybe one day we will have a tidy house. Whats that saying...a tidy home is the sign of a boring mind? Haha that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway here's a few of the face charts. Some of them may look familiar, but some are still to come...

I can't wait to do this one!! I've got a model lined up already, I just need to set some time aside to do it!! I'm going to sculpt all the little leaves out of acrylic and make the cross too...

I still really want to recreate this look I did at Muse...

I'm doing this one on my friends beautiful daughter Demi, she's gonna be perfect for it. I love Callow Lily soooo much :D

I designed this one for my sister-in-law cos she was dressing up as Boy George. I've been fascinated by his look since I was a kid.

This was a failed attempt at a competition entry. I didn't manage to pull it off in person, but I liked the idea.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the next few...

Anyway hope you like them. Does anyone else have a look book? I'd love to know it's not just me that belongs on 'How clean is your House' haha

Speak soon xx


  1. These are awesome! Can I ask where you get your charts from/what you use to do them? xx

  2. These are gorgeous! I can't pick a favourite but I do love anything 80s-inspired :D

  3. @ Charlotte Sparkle...Thanks Charlotte glad you like them :D
    @ Betwixt Beauty...Aww thank you!! Glad you like them too. As for where I get them, I just draw them. I saw a Mac face chart many moons ago that looked like this and I just tried to draw something similar. It's quite a common one I think, but I try to make each one different with hair and brows etc. As for what I use, it's mostly makeup! The same stuff as I use on the looks irl. I find this better cos then I know the colours will work. Hope this is helpful :D
    @ Kitty Hates Everything...Thank you so much!! I love anything from the eighties too...this era defo sparked my interest in makeup! I just love that everything is so over the top haha :D

  4. These are amazing! Can't wait to see the looks you do :D

    Jonna xx


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