Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Disco Barbie Had A Baby...

Told you I'd be back soon with a new mani!! As you all well know, there's been a distinct lack of colour in my life for the last two weeks, and possibly even worse than that...NO GLITTER!! So in a desperate attempt to rectify this problem I came up with a new mani, and I think you'll agree it covers all the bases. There's colour, there's glitter, and just to make sure it was totally over the top there's a couple Swarovski's chucked in for good measure too!!

I LOVE IT!! I feel so much more myself again now. It reminds me of a sparkly blue disco dress I used to have for one of my Barbies when I was a kid. Not brave enough to don one of these I seek fulfillment in my later life by replicating it on my nails instead. What can I say...I guess a part of you never grows up :D

I'll no doubt be back tomorrow with another new mani to show you...

Speak soon xx


  1. Love them...love the colour

    Shona Henderson xx

  2. Love this! Its sooo beautiful! The Swarovskis really set it off!

  3. I know you probably can't stop looking at your pretty sparkly blue nails!!! =D Especially after the same nail look for so long haha. I love this!! The blue is gorgeous!!!

  4. There's nothing worse than a glitterless existence. I dig this, makes me wish I could actually do my nails!

  5. P.S. This is pretty much the best blog post title of all time.

  6. Ahh glitter....always a good bet going with glitter!

  7. Awww Thanks Shona! Glad you like em :D xx
    Thanks Meme :D
    Haha Dani these nails should come with a public health warning!! I nearly drove into the back of someone because I couldn't stop looking at them as they sparkled in the sun...oooops :S
    Thanks Meredith! You can't beat a bit of glitter!! Haha glad you like the title too :D
    Thanks Charlotte
    Totally right AngieBee :D
    Thanks Everyone xx


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