Thursday, 7 April 2011

London Muse part 3

Yup!! Another sleepless night :S When we got home we went out for tea and after that I was so tired I was sure I would sleep, but no...I just stared at the clock waiting for day two :D Finally its morning and I'm on my way to catch my train. I'm in desperate need of a little pic me up...

could do with this on an intravenous drip I think!!

Before I know it I'm back in London and on my way to Muse. Thankfully this time I don't get lost.

image from

When I get there it's a different Makeup Artist for day two. The incredibly talented Francesco Lo Cascio. Franco has created makeup looks for many a huge star and has also worked under legendary make up artist Pat McGrath on prestigious runway shows such as Alexander McQueen, Max Mara, Fendi, Valentino, Emporio Armani, Amanda Wakeley, and Alessandro Dell'Acqua. In addition to this he also works along side my personal favourite Alex Box!! It doesn't get much better than this. To be taught for the day by such an incredible talent is a once in a lifetime experience. Every time I google makeup looks now and Franco's in any of them I'm like "Eeeee I was taught by him". I'm pathetic I know, but I just can't help it!!

Franco's published work as seen on the London Muse website

I think this is yet another great thing about the Muse courses, your taught by leading industry people who have a wealth of experience in this field, who can talk to you about exactly what the industry is looking for.
At first I'm quite terrified, I'll be honest. But as soon as Franco speaks he puts you at ease. He's so friendly and encouraging and down to earth, all that just disappears. I could have sat all day watching him contour and highlight. Given these are my weakest areas I have a lot to learn.

Day two of Bootcamp is all about

-Etheral elements....poetic beauty - creating & applying mood makeup
-Supernaturals......into the twilight -skills of enhanced contouring

It's not long before Franco gets stuck in to his first look, which is a soft, romantic beauty look. Although both the days are incredible I feel day two centers more around my weaknesses. I can happily slap bright colours on and come up with an ok dramatic look, but when it comes to neutrals I really struggle, so for me this was great.

showing two different shapes to create when contouring...

you'll notice one side of the face has a different shape to the other

After the romantic look and all the contouring Franco also did some bonus looks for us. He did a really dramatic blue eye and taught us lots about cleaning up. Francos phrase of the afternoon was..."no it's dirrty!!"

I asked about making lips look bigger so he showed us that too...

and then purely just to show off he got us to time him while he did everybody's favourite...yep you guessed it, the smokey eye.


All I can say is my pictures don't do these looks nearly enough justice!!

After this we all went for lunch together which was lovely (Pret again!! Gotta get my fill while I'm daan saafff)

Eeee can't wait to get back to start my look :D

Speak soon xx


  1. Wow I am just speechless! What an amazing opportunity!!

  2. Thanks Amalia! It really was a fantastic opportunity, I'm so grateful to have been able to go :D


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