Saturday, 23 April 2011


Totally un-makeup related post today! I've been baking and I just wanted to show you my wares haha. I made Snickers Macarons mmmmm...

I got the recipe from Tartlette, my favourite food blog. Not only are Helene's recipes delicious, but her photography is stunning. She has one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever seen. Unfortunately my culinary expertise are none to match that of the blogs author, but I did my best. So this is my breakfast today...

Arrrhhh who am I kidding!! This is my real breakfast haha...

If your interested in the recipe follow the link. I changed it a bit cos I'm a little less committed...

Hope you like it :D

Speak soon xx


  1. Wow those look really good- too perfect to eat!!

  2. Haha that was hilarious, your "who am I kidding? this is my real breakfast" hahaha. That made me laugh. They look sooooo yummy! You'll have to do those white chocolate raspberry muffins next!!

  3. @ Amalia...Trust me they were not too perfect to eat, they were gone in seconds haha. I did have a bit of a disaster though, I made 60 shells in the hope of making 30 Macarons so I could take some into work, but only ended up getting 10 edible ones as I broke most of em...ooops!! Me and my other half ate the lot :S
    @ Starryskies...Glad it made you laugh, I had to be honest haha. I will defo make those muffins soon, and I'll post the recipe. Shame your not closer I could post you some muffins too :D


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