Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Recent Musings...

So the day finally arrived!! I got to go to London Muse School of Makeup and it was AMAZING!! When I won the Illamasqua competition back in November I thought this day would never come (I'm such an impatient pants) but it did, and I went, and boy do I have lots to share :D

Logo from London Muse School of Makeup

As the course is held in London and I'm a Northern lass I needed somewhere to stay, so we sweet talked the Misters Mum, and off we drove to Buckinghamshire. I was so excited I was bouncing off the walls of the car all the way there...think Donkey in Shrek 2 "Are we there yet? *pop* Are we there yet *pop*". We got there at about 10pm the night before and proceeded to chat till stupid 'o' clock in the morning as we hadn't seen each other for a while. Big mistake when I needed to be up at 5.30am the next morning :S No worries though as I actually didn't sleep a wink from excitement!!

Arrrhh my lovely home for the weekend

After watching the clock all night it was finally time to get up and go...
I decided to catch an early train as I know all to well what my sense of direction is like. I was so glad of this forward thinking when I actually got lost and spent an hour wandering around London in a panic!! You wouldn't think I lived there for years :S

I guess I could have got the Tube...

but sometimes it's just quicker to walk...even when you do get lost!!

Image of Graffiti Snail by Artist Slinkachu featured on Metro.co.uk

Anyways I finally made it and miraculously still managed to be the first person there. By this time excitement had turned to nerves and I actually thought I might be a little bit sick!! This quickly passed when I walked in and met Dee our makeup artist for the day. She gave me a lovely warm welcome and told me there was nothing to be worried about and we sat and chatted for a while as the other students arrived. We were all really lucky as the class was very small, four of us, which was ideal really. I think this is a really great thing about the Muse classes, as it means you get a lot of one on one attention.
Once we had all arrived Dee (Deanna V'Lcevska) chatted to us, and asked us all about our backgrounds and how we had come to be there that day. We actually had quite a mixed class. There was Claire, the Burlesque Dancer and my gorgeous model for day one. Hannah, the Special Effects Makeup Artist and my beautiful model for day two. Chelsea, who was there as part of her 18th birthday present, and Me...the old bird in the corner who dabbles in a bit of 3D Nail Artistry. After this Dee talked to us about her role in the industry and the type of work she does, and about what we were going to be doing that weekend...

Day one of the Catwalk Trends Bootcamp course was going to be about...

-Iconic pop....the 80's beat goes on- creating graphic pigment techniques
-Glam grunge....pure rock n roll excess-shadow blending for maximum effect
-Power brows....wild and unleashed-achieving the latest brow trends
-Geisha.....make up goes manga-how to create bold statement makeup

Then Dee began the first of her looks on her beautiful model Josie...

We all watched as she created one incredible look after another for us to see, sharing invaluable tips and hints with us along the way.

Josie was an amazing model, she sat for picture...

after picture...

after picture hehe ;)

First was Grunge, then after Grunge came 80's, then after that was Geisha with a power brow...

Dee had a wealth of knowledge and was happy to share, she was even happy to answer my incessant questioning, which would usually try the patience of a Saint :)

Before we knew it the morning was gone and we were off for lunch. I had Pret and sat in the park...arrrhhhh I've missed London!!

After lunch it was our turn...Dun Dun Duuuunnnnnn!!

Speak soon xx


  1. UH MAZING..thanks for sharing your experiance with us!

  2. I cannot wait to see the work you did in that class, I bet you totally blew them away! I love that the class only had 4 students, it's so much easier to learn in a small class!

  3. Thanks Jess! It really was a cool experience. I loved it so much I'm thinking of taking another course! And starryskies I cant tell you how chuffed I was that the class was so small. It was really comfortable and it made it easy to ask questions...maybe a few to many in my case, but it's not often you get that kind of opportunity. I don't know about blowing them away tho, but I definitely did have fun :D


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