Sunday, 10 April 2011

London Muse: The final instalment

So we're back after a lovely lunch and I just can't wait to get stuck in and practice what I've learned. I luck out for the second day running and get another incredibly beautiful model, Hannah, the Special Effects MUA.
So this for me today is a biggy. I suck at neutral stuff and can never quite get my contouring right...probably because I love bright colours so much that I never practice neutrals :S
Franco wants us to do a soft, romantic beauty look first, then he wants us to do a more dramatic eye and lip. I decide to stick to neutrals colours for the dramatic eye too, as like I said, it's not something I ever really do.
Franco is great at coaching and spends a lot of time advising us as we work. He shows me how to hold my brushes differently to achieve a softer more blended look, and he encourages me to note how the different ways feel on me, so I am aware of how they feel on my model. I think this is a really good point!

So here it is, my soft, romantic beauty look...

and then with the more dramatic (but still neutral) eye...

My blending isn't to great for the second his fabulous Italian accent Franco says "I like the shape, but lets clean it up dahling, it's a little bit dirrrty!!". This makes me smile :D

With that my time at Muse is done :(

I've really had such an amazing time and can't thank everybody enough for giving me such an incredible and unforgettable experience. Thank you to the lovely Jen aka MizzWorthy for hosting this amazing competition in the first place, and thank you to Illamasqua and Muse for providing the very generous prizes. I still can't believe how lucky I am!!

After the class I stay on a bit and talk to Josie about some of the other courses. She's so knowledgeable and helpful and is able to recommend another course that will help me along my chosen path.

Watch this space for more from London Muse...I'll be back!!

Speak soon xx


  1. Thanks! I like your name. Just checked out your blog...Wow!! How many pairs of shoes do you own :D

  2. Beautiful! I love it both ways! It's so strange to have such a dramatic look feel so soft and romantic, I don't think I could do that.

  3. Thanks Starryskies! It made a really nice change to do something more natural. Who know's, you may see a change in my looks from now on.....naaahhh maybe not haha :D


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