Monday, 25 April 2011

10 Things I Love About Summer!!

I've been getting a bit excited lately, what with all the gorgeous weather we've been favourite time of year is here again! So I thought I'd do a post on what it is about summer that makes me happy :D

Number 1...

Bold, bright makeup looks! I Love em! I know you can wear these all year round, but when better than SUMMER!!

Number 2...

New summer shoes! I would wear flip flops every day of the year if I had a choice! I literally have to have them pried from my feet when the rain and snow come, so imagine how excited I am when I can wear them again :D

I got these little beauties (and two other pairs) the other day :D

Number 3...

Maxi dresses! They're cool (in more ways than one), comfortable, and hide a multitude of sins...a girls best friend ;)

Sadly this is not me in my maxi dress, it's actually from

Number 4...

I like mine big!! Get your minds out of the gutter people...I'm talking about Sunnies. Think Victoria Beckham or Nicole Richie and your on the right lines.

Now I'd never wear these little apple sunnies from but I do think they're super cute :D

Number 5...

If there's one thing that always puts a smile on my face it's flowers. I have very fond memories of spending lazy afternoons in my Nans Rose garden,or looking out onto a sea of orange Lilies at my Mums house. Sadly the Mister does not understand my love of flowers and just thinks they are a waste of money!! That said he does occasionally surprise me with a lovely bunch :D

I'm not sure where this picture is from...I just think it's pretty!

Number 6...

You can't have one without the of my most favourite things ever! Butterflies!

I quite often like to visit the Butterfly House near to where I live, it's set in a really beautiful park.

Number 7...

Now I know some of you may not understand this one, but I'm putting it in anyway! I absolutely Love Buzzy Bee's...only the Bumble kind though.

I think this picture is bee-utiful haha sorry I couldn't resist. I only wish I could remember where it was from.

They're so fat and cute and fluffy. Not like their evil cousin THE WASP!! Them I do not like!!

Number 8...

Now I don't know anyone who doesn't like the next item on my list...

Scream it...ICE CREAM!! I love the colours in this picture from

Number 9...

Where better to enjoy number 8? Yep that's right...the beach.

I may live in the UK but there are still some beautiful beaches where I live...

This picture from is incredible! If I didn't know better I would think it was taken somewhere more tropical.

Number 10

One of the best things about summer for me are the light nights. There's nothing better than getting the bbq going and having a few beers with friends. Just sitting in the garden watching the sun go down...AMAZING!! Sadly we don't have a garden at the minute, but we have some very lovely friends who invite us round to theirs :D

If one picture were to sum up the joy of summer for me it would have to be this one from

So there you have it, my top 10 things I love about summer. So what about you? What are you looking forward too? What puts a smile on your face? I'd love to know...

Anyway hope you like the post!

Speak soon xx


  1. Sun! And no snow :P Maxi dresses are great and I like that I don't have to wear clothes on clothes before I can go outside so I don't freeze to death. I'm looking forward to metal festival and seeing some friends I haven't met in few years :D

  2. You basically sum up all of my summer favorites! I absolutely love flip flops. I wear them year round(yes, even in the snow!). I LOVE those Aldo ones! I want, I want! Great favorites!

  3. Beautiful pictures and great faves!! Must admit, I got big vintage sunnies had em for years! Love maxi dresses, or any dresses for that matter!

  4. I agree with all 10 (maybe not so much the bee one. They don't bother me but they're not on my top 10 list haha)! I do love me some summer! Your shoes are adorable! I love them!

  5. @ Duvesa...Sounds like you've got a good summer planned. I agree, I can't wait to get some sun :P
    @ Toshia...I'm with you on the flip flop front!! I wear mine out in the rain and everything, but then my friends laugh at me because I slip out the sides :S
    @ Amalia...I Love vintage sunnies too! I've got a couple of pairs from What the Funk but they're just not big enough haha. I still love em though :D
    @ Starryskies...But they're just so fat and fluffy and a little bit bimbly which makes them quite cute! I knew they wouldn't bee (haha) everyones cup of tea though. I'm totally loving my new flops! Aldo have got some gorgeous ones at the minute, I'll have to post the others I got :D


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