Monday, 5 September 2011

When Good Fairies Go Bad!!

Yay! I'm having so much fun doing this fantasy series, I've got a feeling it might go on for a while! Hope you don't mind haha. So anyway here's the next Flower Fairy.

Aww I loved creating this look! I got to go shopping for accessories with the lovely Holly, then it was back to mine for wine and makeup...can't think of a better combo! Although I'm not really sure your supposed to give fairies too much wine...

Bad things happen!! Hope y'all like it :D

Speak Soon xx


  1. Gorgeous! Fabuloous look and I love the "bad fairy" photos, LOL!!

  2. So so pretty, I love the lashes too...and the last three pics are them!

  3. sooo beautiful!
    love all the accessories

    <3 BB

  4. Oh man. This post has everything, amazing fantasy makeup, great talent, fairies, and hilarious photos. This is fantastic on every level.

  5. Gorgeous! Haha I love her pretending to eat the butterfly! This is super beautiful! The flowers near her brows are a great touch!

  6. Thank you Angie :D
    Thank you Alhrayth, glad you like it :D
    Thanks Dani! Glad it made you laugh. I have Hoz's genius to thank for the pictures tho...she's an ace model :D
    Thank you Ronnie :D
    Thanks BB! I loved shopping for them lol :D
    Aww Thank you Meredith it means a lot :D
    Thanks Sonja! I love that you notice the little touches :D


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