Thursday, 29 September 2011

Final Fantasy!

Hey! I've decided to wrap up the Fantasy series cos I've got lots of other ideas that I really want to get cracking on! So for my final post I thought I'd have a round up of the characters so far (I'll probably do another series based around this theme in the future so there will be more to come). So here they are...

Dark Faerie...

Flower Fairy...

Forest Nymph...


Wise Owl...

Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as me!

Speak Soon xx


  1. Amazing! LOVE the Dark Faerie especially...

  2. Sickening! I'd LOVE a tutorial on how you do your shading and fading techniques like in dark faerie one. So good!

  3. Gorgeous! They all are! I think my favorites are the flower fairy and the wise owl. I love the speckled look on her face in the owl one! All the detail is amazing! And now your butterfly eating fairy on the side made me laugh!

  4. @ Emma...Thanks girl! Glad you like it :D
    @ Meredith...You are the Queen of shading and fading! You far from need a tutorial from me haha. Thanks tho!
    @ Starryskies...Haha the butterfly eating Fairy still makes me laugh every time. Think it's my fave, but I do really like Dark Faerie too. Glad you like them :D

  5. Amazing work! My fav is definitely forest nymph. Do you have a YouTube channel that I can follow or do u post instruction how to's sometimes? I think you're very creative.

    P.S Found you via the Monday Beauties BlogHop :)..Feel free 2 check out my blog. It's fairly new, but thanks anyway.


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