Thursday, 2 September 2010

NYX Swatches Round 2

Hey Guys!! Hope your well :D Back to the swatches today. I've got five glosses to share from my NYX haul a while back. As promised I'm trying to swatch them all but it will take some time so bare with me :D

Ok so lets start with the taste...if your not a fan of cherries then some of these may not be for you!! Personally I don't mind cherries so it really didn't bother me that some of the glosses taste like Chapstick. If you don't like them then no worries theres two other flavours. The Nyx Girl glosses taste like Starburst so no complaints there and the others taste like Huba Buba lol. Haven't had Huba Buba in years so I thought that was quite funny. Non of the flavours are particularly overpowering so unless you have a specific aversion to any of them this really isn't a problem. Anyways the taste doesn't actually last that long so just hold your breathe for a couple of seconds and its gone. Voila!! Problem solved!! For two quid it's not worth moaning about!!
Onto consistency. I actually thought this was really good!! Very smooth, creamy, not sticky or gritty. If anything a little thin but c'mon they're two quid!! They're really moisturising aswell!! Again I was pleasantly suprised, as I was with the lipsticks, about the length of wear. Nothing miraculous, but I have high end glosses I've paid over £20 for and these babies have outlasted them!! Something else I liked was the applicator. I found the Doe foot made it really easy to apply and distribute the gloss evenly. All in all I'm really pleased with the ones I've swatched and tested so far.
Hope this is helpful for y'all xx


  1. nyx is so pocket friendly and the quality is pretty good too :) i cant wait to see more swatches. im a new follower and looking fwd to the new posts

  2. Thanks KayKay!! Glad you liked the post xx


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