Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It takes All Sorts...

Hey y'all!! Another quick mani post for you today. I'll have lot's of them coming up as I prepare for the salon launch...SO EXCITED!! I will try to contain myself and mix it up a bit with some makeup looks too though :D
For todays look I've used a number of Nails Inc products (no surprises there), but what maybe is surprising is that I persevered with the NYX polishes!! I haven't changed my mind much about the White yet, but I actually really like the Hot Blue cream now...funny!! This time when I used it it applied smoothly and evenly and I only had to use two coats. Work that out?? Anyway, I really liked my mani, it cheered up a gloomy day and made everyone smile :D

The original idea came from Wah Nails, but I altered it a bit to make it my own. Colours used were Nails Inc Brompton Place (pale pink) Walton Street (dark pink for dotting) The Serpentine (dark blue for dotting) and Aubrey Walk (black/blue for large dots). I also used NYX White and Hot Blue along with a couple of Rio Nail art pens in blue, pink, yellow and black. I'm a couple of days in to the mani now and the NYX White is not wearing well :( Gonna have to find another solution. Anyone got any suggestions?

Soooo anyway hope you like the mani :D Speak soon xx


  1. That. Is. Genius. GENIUS. I love the middle finger and the bobbly ones (they're my favourite of the sweets!)

  2. Oh Ace...Thanks!! The bobbly ones are my favourite too :D

  3. I love this manicure! I will probably end up stealing your idea to try out myself. I'm just getting into nail art and I love how simple and effective this is.

  4. Aww Thankyou!! Steal away...I would love to see your recreation :D

  5. Amazing! Such a cute and fun idea! x


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