Monday, 30 January 2012

Makeup For Your Alter Ego: Part Four

So I'm really excited to be bringing you another look from the Alter Ego Series today. It's from someone whom you may recognise from many of my own previous some love to Hoz, my baby sister (in-law)!! As well as being both a very beautiful and entertaining model for me, Hoz is also incredibly talented with a makeup brush herself! She's created some absolutely stunning looks in the past, and has now decided to start a blog of her own to showcase them. Please stop by and check her out over at Beauty_Spot. You wont be disappointed!

Anyway, less blab! Here's some pictures of Holly's Alter Ego...

If you've already stopped by and checked out Holly's blog (which I know by now you have, right?) you'll know what an amazing job she's done with this look. It's so far removed from her everyday persona! Ordinarily she rocks a rather stunning, and not to mention VERY perfect vintage pin-up style look that I have to admit I'm a teensy bit jealous of haha. This is always accompanied by an enormous smile, so to see her like this is a complete transformation!

Here's what Holly had to say about this look herself..."Hmmm, here's a toughie! What is my Alter Ego Natalie asks me...? Well my personally traits are quite simple (like me hahaha) if I were to describe myself it would be that I laugh pretty much at anything including myself! My mum says I have an opera laugh! I am REALLY laid back and easy going and I am never phased by anything. Any attitude or what I would call worrying things in general life go straight over my head. I never really get upset or angry, so for my look I decided to create the complete opposite of how I look at life. I wanted to go for a worried, sad and upset look with loads of tears, I also included colours which I HATE to wear on my eyes just to represent how un-like me this really is."

Thankfully this last pic is much more like the Holly I know and love! Anyways, hope you guys all like this look as much as me. Stay tuned for the final's mine!

Speak Soon xx


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