Thursday, 24 November 2011

Violent Lips & MakeupBee Collaboration: Part 2

Well...What a turnaround! After the last post I did using Violent Lips, I'll be honest, I wasn't in a rush to do my next one! To tell the truth I was dreading it! But, to my surprise this time they worked like a dream. They applied really easily, didn't rip on application like the last set, and with minimal cutting, fit the lips really well. I don't know if this is down to this particular design, or if I just found it a little easier as it was my second time round...I'm really not sure. I don't feel like I did anything particularly different, but this time they worked really really well.

For my second look I used the 'The Rainbow' lips on my gorgeous friend Hannah. Here's the look...

If anyone can pull off these babies it's Hannah! They definitely suit her personality!

We really put these to the test this time too. Hannah wore them all afternoon so I could get a good idea of how long they would last...

What with all the laughing, they did start to crack a little, but to be fair it wasn't much. They weren't as sticky as the last set either...the Mumm-Ra effect didn't happen until much later in the day, even after drinking much Hot Chocolate. Some of the inner lip did start to dissolve away towards the end, and a little of the outer lip line began to peel, but this time I was really impressed with how clean the overall effect was, and how well they stood up to our rigorous testing haha. Hannah loved them too and said she would definitely wear them to a party or for Halloween. All in all this is what we thought...

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YAY!! If I had to have one little moan about this set it would be that I thought the colours would be a little brighter, but hey ho. All in all if the rest of the sets are like this then I would defo use them again and would happily pay the $15 it costs for a set of three. If you'd like to try them for yourself just pop over to Violent Lips and check them out.

I'm really glad I got to try these out, and would just like to thank Violent Lips and Tiomi at MakeupBee for letting me be a part of this collaboration :)

Speak Soon xx


  1. LOVE it!!! She looks so cute! I really haven't been hearing good things about violent lips, they still don't seem worth it. But awesome look to go with them :)

  2. This is so flippin awesome. i love it u did a super good job on this . please i hope u can follow back and check out my blog

  3. That is so cool! The Violent Lips really looked great with the rest of it, they are a really fun product :)

  4. Totally different type of makeup. Its really cool.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! Glad y'all like the look. As for Violent lips...I couldn't believe how different they were from one set to the next! They are really fun and I love the designs, but the quality is a little inconsistent! I'll be doing some more looks with these in the future so we'll see how they fare then. Thanks again :)


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