Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Heart of Darkness

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd show you my second entry for the Illamasqua competition. I wen't a bit darker with character number two. I stuck with my original inspiration of the environment but this time I was influenced by the undergrowth. I was thinking about all the insects and beetles that crawl around in the mulch and then it hit me! Why not do a character based on the actual imagery from the my next character is called Scarab. I decided that because I was drawing from the packaging I would also stick quite closely to the colours from within the new range. So this time the collection has been my influence.

Character description

With her metal hard exterior and the blood of carrion fresh on her lips you may be forgiven for thinking the worst. Words from the Book of the Dead drip from her lips and whisper through the air. This is Scarab. Warrior of the Underworld, protector of the dead. Entrust to her your heart and she will see it comes to no harm. She will guide you through the darkness and awaken your soul. Scarab offers you the path to happiness and light. An offer you may want to take, as come dawn Scarab offers you the only safe passage out of the Enchanted Forest.....

I know I should have gone down the neck with the white, but I was running out of makeup remover and figured I'd tortured the lovely Kate enough this week. Whilst it would amuse me no end to send her home dressed like a beetle somehow I didn't think she would appreciate it...

I really like the colours, and the effect across the forehead turned out exactly as I'd hoped. When it came to the dusting underneath the eyes though I messed up and things didn't quite turn out how I wanted. Even though I knew better I touched the dusted shadows and ended up smearing them everywhere so I had to change the look to cover up the mess. I've added a quick pen drawing so you can see how it was meant to be.

I really annoy myself sometimes...there'll be a little voice inside my head going "don't touch that you'll ruin it!!" but try as hard as I might I can't stop my hand and before I know it I've messed it up :S

Ahhh well never mind...I'm entering it anyway so fingers crossed.

Hope everyones having a great week. I'll be back soon...hopefully with entry number 3!!

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